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Heater Treaters

What is a heater treater?

A Heater Treater is a unit that utilizes heat and settling time to separate the different phases of the well fluids, allowing for the removal of impurities and contaminants. Heater Treaters play a crucial role in optimizing the production process and ensuring the quality of the extracted oil and gas.

Vertical vs Horizontal Heater Treaters

Producers opt for either vertical or horizontal treaters based on various factors. Distinct advantages of vertical heater treaters include:

  • Occupying less space, thereby reducing the overall equipment footprint of a production site.
  • Typically offering a more cost-effective solution compared to horizontal treaters.
  • Operating without the need for as much pressure as horizontal treaters.

Uncover the significant role that Heater Treaters have in enhancing product quality, protecting assets, and ensuring environmental compliance. With Total Product Services, you can experience industry-leading engineering solutions tailored to your needs and backed by unparalleled expertise and support.

A close-up photo of a 3-phase separate, known as a free water knockout or heater treater by TPS

The Importance of a Heater Treater

Heater treaters stand as indispensable components within the oil and gas industry, playing a pivotal role in the efficient separation of oil, water, and gas from well fluids. These units utilize heat and settling time to meticulously separate the various phases, ensuring the removal of impurities and contaminants. By optimizing the production process, heater treaters uphold the integrity and quality of the extracted oil and gas, safeguarding equipment and infrastructure while adhering to environmental regulations.

Heater Treater FAQs

How does a Heater Treater work?

Heater Treaters use heat and settling time to separate oil, water, and gas from well fluids. The heated fluids undergo phase separation, allowing for the removal of impurities and contaminants.

What factors affect the efficiency of a Heater Treater?

The efficiency of a Heater Treater depends on factors such as temperature, pressure, residence time, and the design of the unit. Proper operation and maintenance are essential for optimal performance.

How often does a Heater Treater require maintenance?

Heater Treaters require regular maintenance to ensure optimal performance and efficiency. Maintenance tasks may include cleaning, inspection, and replacement of components as needed.

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