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Oil and Gas Production

Engineering Solutions for Oil & Gas Production

Maximize efficiency and reliability in oil and gas production with Total Product Services’ comprehensive engineering solutions. Explore how our innovative technologies, including 2-Phase Separators, 3-Phase Separators (Free Water Knockouts), and Heater Treaters, can help optimize every step of the production process. From wellhead to refinery, our tailored solutions ensure seamless operation, maximize yield, and meet industry standards.

Elevate your oil and gas production operations with Total Product Services and discover unparalleled performance and peace of mind.

2 Phase Separator

2-Phase Separators are a vital component in industrial processes where gas and liquid phases are separated efficiently. These separators play a crucial role in maintaining operational integrity by ensuring the accurate separation of gas and liquid components.

Discover how Total Product Services’ innovative 2-Phase Separators streamline your operations and enhance productivity, setting new industry standards in gas-liquid separation.

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3-Phase Separator
(Free Water Knockout)

With 3-Phase Separators, also recognized as Free Water Knockouts (FWKO), fluids undergo precise separation into gas, oil, and water components. With a primary focus on eliminating water content, these separators are indispensable in averting corrosion and hydrate formation within the vessel.

Uncover how these separators streamline your operations, ensuring equipment safety and efficiency, while subsequent treatment is carried out downstream in dedicated treaters.


Heater Treaters can be thought of as low pressure, 3-phase separators equipped with fire tubes. They separate gas from the incoming emulsion and separate the emulsion into a water phase and an oil phase. Heater treaters can also function as a free-water knockout, a heat exchanger, a filter, and a water wash tank.

Ready to experience the efficiency and versatility of Heater Treaters with Total Product Services? Learn how you can upgrade your oil and gas production processes today!

Comprehensive Engineering Solutions

Experience Total Product Services’ extensive line-up of comprehensive engineering solutions, tailored for various industries. Trust our expert team of engineers and consultants to optimize your processes effectively. Reach out today to request a quote or learn more about our solutions.



HEAT TRANSFER (Oil Fired, Gas Fired, Electric)

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