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Startup and Commissioning

One of the most important project milestones that assures a successful, responsible launch of a process facility is commissioning and start-up. Building a refinery is one thing; putting it into full operation is quite another.


During this phase, the entire process is brought into operation. All systems and subsystems get activated, process fluids are introduced, and process conditions are set with the goal of producing a final product. Ensure that adequate interfaces are established, including operations and maintenance, product quality control, production planning, emergency response, and security and safety. For this stage, contractors, employees, the client, some vendors and licensors must be available at all times. 

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Commissioning helps to ensure that an industrial plant’s systems, processes and components are under operational needs. This process includes verifying and ensuring that each unit and system of the facility is designed, installed, tested and run following the project’s specifications.

The primary goal of commissioning is to ensure that the project is delivered in a safe and organized manner while maintaining its performance and safety standards.


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