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Filtration and Stabilization

Gas Filter Separator / Coalescer

Coalescing filter separators are explicitly invented to eliminate submicron oil, water,
and other fluid impurities from gas flows.
 It is used to expel mist, hazy toxins, irritants, and scents in petroleum gas vehicle filtration, compressed air filtration, compressed flammable gas filtration, and air oil separation.

Coalescing filters are also used to prevent fine mists from entering the absorber. Liquid-gas coalesces are also used for removal of fine aerosols in gas production, processing and transmission. Coalesce cartridges, made of pleated glass fiber media supported by metal core, which has higher efficiency than traditional separators with mesh pads and vane packs. The reason is higher efficiency is that cartridges contain a much finer pore structure and larger surface area. Coalescers remove 99.5% solids 0.4 micron and larger.

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NGL Stabilizer

  • Achieve or exceed condensate and lighter products production quotas via reliable stabilization/fractionation and separation of natural gas condensate
  • Maintain process reliability for consistency of natural gas and condensate production, minimization of downtime, and reduced maintenance
  • Improve process safety by reducing the need for column and reboiler cleanouts and internals replacements
  • Provide stable operation, consistent on-spec sales condensate

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